YouTube Red: Why You Should Pay for YouTube Red or YouTube Premium

YouTube Red, also know as YouTube Premium, is the best version of Google’s live streaming service. It is a subscription service that costs $11.99 monthly fee. I know, someone may be wondering why he/she should pay for Red when YouTube is free. The truth is that the regular YouTube and YouTube Red are not the same. There are many reasons why you should subscribe to YouTube Red.


The live streaming service comes with a one month free trial for new users. Within the free trial period, you will enjoy all YouTube premium benefits such as access to YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids.
You can also watch YouTube Originals on your TV. Having said that, let’s have a look at why you should subscribe to YouTube Red today, and gladly pay for it.

Main Reasons for Paid YouTube Red or YouTube Premium Subscription

YouTube Red’s awesome streaming experience is worth your 11.99 USD monthly fee because of the following:

1. Offline Playback:

You can save videos for offline playback. Anyone who doesn’t have an unlimited data plan or uses a commute that sends them on paths without cell reception knows that Save For Offline is one of the best phrases in technology. With YouTube Red, you get a download icon below every video that you can tap to save the clip for later viewing. This way, you can keep a handful of your favorite music videos on hand for your next dance break. You can even do what I do. I often save the video versions of my favorite podcasts at home so I am not limited to the audio-only versions when I’m on the move.

2. Original Content:

It is the exclusive web portal for popular YouTubers original content.
If names like Lilly Singh and Rooster Teeth make you want to click Subscribe or Play as fast as you can, then I’m surprised you’re not already a YouTube Red member. These and more artists produce original content that is exclusive to the paid tier of YouTube, which means you’re not getting all of the laughs, surprises, and action from these creators as possible.

3. Ads-free Content:

YouTube offers immersive experience when contents are ads-free. This is where YouTube Red comes in. When you pay for Red, you’ll be on a super-channel that offers millions of targeted recommendations. No other service provider has ever come close to matching these great experience users of YouTube Premium have. Above all, YouTube Red allows you to watch all the YouTube you want, without ever seeing a single advert. This means no ads across all YouTube apps, including the ones for your set-top box, smartphone, and smart TV. With YouTube Premium, you won’t deal with any annoying asterisks due to contractual agreements.

4. Freebies:

You get YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music at no extra cost.
By design, all Google Play Music subscribers get YouTube Red, and all YouTube Premium subscribers get Google Play Music.

5. Works across multiple devices:

If you have YouTube Premium, your membership benefits are available across all devices with access to YouTube. You can also watch ad-free videos on your computer’s web browser by signing into with your YouTube Premium member account.

6. Compatible with different applications:

You can flip between apps without worry. YouTube Premium members can play audio from the YouTube Music app on Chromecast audio devices or Google Cast-connected speakers. YouTube Red allows multitaskers to background listen to music while they attend to other things.