Waptrick MP3 Music Download: How to Download Free Mp3 Music and Video


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  1. Overview of Waptrick.
  2. Waptrick MP3 Music Download.
  3. How to Download Free Full MP4 Waptrick Films, Videos and Movies Trailers.

Waptrick.com is probably the most preferred websites for free mp3 music and mp4 film download respectively. It receives high traffic from millions of users across the world on daily basis. Waptrick is an easy to use web portal. It is very efficient with clear navigational tools. You can easily access, search or download any music or video file. Whether you are a music or movie lover, Waptrick is just right for you. You are just a click away from downloading your favorite MP3 music, and videos or movies. It hosts hundreds of thousands of mp3 music, mp4 videos, and 3gp movies which are updated on daily basis.

Waptrick.com offers a number of awesome services for free. When you visit the web portal, you will be able to download things like mp3 music, mp4, videos, games, and Android apps at no extra cost. You will also be able to enjoy other services like song lyrics, sound effects, wallpapers and background photos, live chat, photos, funny sound, animations, etc. The most interesting thing about the website is that you don’t have to sign up or create a new account in order to be able to access the contents of the portal. All you need to enjoy Waptrick services is just an Internet-enabled device such as your smartphones, laptops, tablets or PC.

Waptrick MP3 Music Download

www.waptrick.com offers music in mp3 format and most smart devices today support the mp3 music format. The majority of the music genre on the website are in mp3 format. However, there are songs in other formats such as MP4, which you can download as well. Here are the steps to download free mp3 music on your device:

  1. On the web browser of your device, type: www.waptrick.com and hit the enter button. This will take you to the homepage.
  2. Go through the file categories on the homepage and select a Waptrick MP3 icon by clicking on it. This will reveal various Waptrick music categories available on the website.
  3. Tap on the category of your choice. The list of all available MP3 songs will be displayed along with the corresponding artist’s names.
  4. Go ahead to select the particular one you want by clicking on it. This will take you to the download page.
  5. Click on the ‘download’ button and the list of the quality of download will be displayed ranging from low, standard and best quality. Select the one that best suits you. After selecting the quality type, the download will start.

How to Download Free Full MP4 Films, Videos and Movies Trailers

When you are logged in to the website’s homepage, in the video section you will see sub-categories like video footage, music clips and celebrity videos. Below are the steps to download free mp4 films, videos and movie trailers:

  1. On the web browser of your device, type www.waptrick.com and hit the enter or send button. This will take you the homepage.
  2. Scroll down to see the various categories of video files you can download from the website.
  3. Click on ‘Waptrick Videos’ to reveal the list of its video sub-categories.
  4. Select the type of video you want to download and click on it.
  5. Click on the ‘Download’ button and select the quality of download (low quality, standard quality, and best quality) you  prefer. Once you select the video quality you want, the download will begin. You can download video files as many as you want.


Waptrick provides a whole lot of free mp3, mp4 films, videos, movie trailers, and song lyrics. The above steps will enable you to download video files from the site easily. Most of the music videos are usually in the format that will be compatible with your smart devices. You can also download quality MP3, MP4 movies/films, games, etc., from Wapdam and o2tvseries