Square POS – Download Square Point of Sale App for Android & iOS

Do you own a small business that requires you to take payments on the go? Square POS (Point of Sale) app is the way to go. The Square POS allows you to take payments with Square Reader, the cube-shaped card reader you can use when on the move. It’s really a great POS app for small to medium businesses. The Square POS (formerly Square Register) works much better than similar services from its competitors. All you need to do is just to type the amount and swipe the card. The scanner works very well.

Square POS
Square POS App

With Square POS app, you’ll be able to send receipts via email or SMS to your customers, keep track of sales and inventory in real time, manage items and employees, and generate an end of the year reports. It’s easy to set up and free. There are no up-front, initial commitments or hidden charges. All you’ll need to do is to request for a free Square card reader at signup. It uses the best encryption schemes to protect your customer’s credit card information. Above all, you’ll get your money very fast. It takes Square 1 to 2 working days to deposit payments taken with the POS app into your bank account.

Amazing Features of Square Point of Sale App

The Square POS app has some unique features and powerful analytics tools that can help you track and improve your business. The features include:

  • Flat rate fee for all cards such as Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.
  • The app allows you to customize your products with photos, names, and prices.
  • The ability to record cash, gift cards, and other forms of tender.
  • With the POS app, you can send receipts via email or text message to customers and keep track of invoices from your device.
  • The app allows you to connect to a receipt printer, kitchen ticket printer, bar code scanner, and a cash drawer.
  • It’s compatible with Square debit and credit card reader.
  • The app offers customers the opportunity to pay, tip, and sign right on your mobile device.
  • It allows you to apply discounts and issue refunds to customers.
  • The POS app gives you real-time access to sales data and transaction history.

How to Download Square Point of Sale App on Android Device

Below are the steps you can use to download Square Point of Sale – POS App on your smartphone or tablet:

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your device
  2. On the search bar, type: “Square Point of Sale – POS”. A Square Point of Sale – POS link will appear.
  3. Select the link from your search result.
  4. Next, tap “Install” to start the download and installation.
  5. Click on “Open” to get started.

Square POS has a web dashboard that allows you to view live sales data from your Android POS app when you sign in. The good news is that you do not have to pay any monthly fee for processing. The only 2.75% payment you make is deducted from every tap, dip or swipe the customer makes in the United State. If you charge $200 for an item, for example, you’ll receive $197.25 in your bank account.

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