Square Cash Register: How to Connect Square Register Cash Drawer

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  2. How to Connect Your Square Cash Register.
  3. Types of Square Cash Register and Features.

Square cash register is a simple device that gives retailers and service providers an easy way of payment collection and printing of sales receipt. It helps shop owners to engage with their customers in a more effective way. It’s in fact, a popular choice in retail environments such as Boutiques, Coffee Shops, Kiosks, Food Trucks, Nail Salons, etc. Square POS systems now integrate with cash drawers and receipt printers. This means that with a just tap on an iPad or Square Register, you can open your Square cash drawer to complete a cash sale or give change.

Square cash drawer comes in two main flavors – APG VB554A-BL1616 Standard Duty Cash Drawer and APG VB320-BL1616 Standard Duty Cash Drawer. They are ideal for low traffic retail environments. If you’re looking for the models that are ideal for high traffic retail environment, consider APG T554A-BL1616 and T320-BL1616 (requires CD101A cable). It’s very important to review what each model can do and the device compatibility before purchasing any of the Square cash drawers. Let’s have a look at the two most common types of Square cash drawer that work well with Square.

How to Connect Your Square Cash Register

Below are the steps you can use to connect your drawer with Square stand, receipt printer, and other accessories:

  1. Connect your square compatible receipt printer such as the Star Micronics TSP113 to the USB hub of the Square stand.
  2. Power the printer using the power cable.
  3. Connect the Square cash drawer RJ12 cable to the printer.
  4. Then, power on the printer.
  5. Launch the Square app
  6. Go to Settings and select Printers
  7. Tap Create printer station
  8. Enter a name for the printer station, select the printer, and turn on the “receipts, bills and reports” setting.
  9. Save the settings and go back to the main screen of the Square app.
  10. Then, perform a cash sale. The receipt should print, and the drawer should open.

APG VB554A-BL1616 Standard Duty Square Drawer

This drawer is highly compatible with Square Stand, Register, and Square Terminal ONLY. It connects directly to your Square hardware hub through the USB port. So, if you intend to use the Square Stand and connect the drawer to the USB port, procure the APG VB554A-BL1616 model. Note that this model does NOT work with a receipt printer having a USB interface to connect to the Square stand. You can use the APG VB320-BL1616 model instead as we shall see later. By default, the drawer opens each time you complete a cash sale. It also comes with two keys for the manual lock.

APG VB320-BL1616 Standard Duty Cash Drawer

This cash drawer integrates well with Square Register App and receipt printer. So, if you have or intend to buy or use a receipt printer and Square Register App, the only way to connect APG VB320-BL1616 Standard Duty Square cash drawer is through the receipt printer drawer port using the CD-101A cable. It comes with MultiPRO® 320 Interface for all 24V printers and terminals. This drawer is very cost effective and includes features, such as multifunction locks and drawer status reporting.

Features of Square Cash Register

Here are some unique features of drawer:

  1. Works electronically
  2. Quick setup and configuration
  3. Has roller wheel suspension system
  4. Multifunction lock
  5. Has stainless-steel or painted front
  6. Dual media slots
  7. Drawer status switch
  8. Two-year warranty and can last beyond one million operations

Square cash register works great for POS system when you pair it with an appropriate receipt printer. It’s a perfect and quality cash drawer with a lot of configuration options to meet your specific business needs.

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