Smart TV: Samsung OLED vs LG OLED vs Sony OLED – Internet-ready TV

Smart TV refers to an Internet-ready television that supports different applications just like an ordinary smartphone. Since the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), modern smart TVs are built to support IoT activities. We can also attribute the wide adoption of smart TVs in most homes to the sudden rise of online streaming services.

With your smart TV, you can now access content streaming services like Apple TV+, Prime Video, Netflix, Amazon Prime movies, iRoku, ShowMax, etc. Although, smart TV is not a replacement for streaming devices such as Chromecast, laptop, tablet, etc., to say the least.

The smart TV industry is very huge with some popular brands introducing several innovative products. In this article, we will focus on OLED smart TVs made by Samsung, LG, and Sony. The trio is as common as an ordinary telephone in most homes around the world.

We shall explain what differences exist amongst them and how they compare. OLED smart TVs come with a lot of amazing features. Each brand (Samsung, LG or Sony) offering some unique features and functionalities. We shall explore all these so that you can make an informed decision when buying any of the products.

Smart TV

Why Samsung OLED Smart TV?

Samsung OLED Smart TV is built with the most advanced 4K picture technology that delivers a fully immersive viewing experience. It’s a must-have for most gamers and movie lovers. You can access Netflix and Apple TV+ on your Samsung OLED.

The immersive 4K viewing experience is breath-taking! Not only does it allow you to see the world in a billion colors, but it also makes web browsing very easy. Other features include:

The ability to control everything with just one remote. With Samsung OneRemote in your hands, you’ll be able to control all of your connected devices without additional remotes. It removes all the complexities of having multiple remotes for different devices. OneRemote can detect, identify and control your connected devices automatically.

Bixby – voice assistant. This helps you to find information quickly. Be it a weather update, a recommendation on a new show or you just want to step outside, Bixby is always ready to assist. It also allows you to chat.

Room adaptation. If you’re in search of TV that can adapt to its surroundings, Samsung OLED Smart TV is what you need. It has intelligence built into every scene by adapting the picture brightness and sound to match the conditions of the room. When you set your TV to Ambient Mode, the smart tv can mimic your room’s decoration, as it cycles through the day’s top headline News.

Samsung OLED Smart TV Universal Guide serves up content from your devices, apps and streaming services. This is one easy-to-browse menu. The Universal Guide recommends popular TV shows. It can also make custom recommendations based on what you watch most often.

Why LG OLED Smart TV?

LG OLED Smart TV combines the power of Google Assitant and Alexa to enable your smart home. It comes with ThinQ AI technology which makes it one of the most intelligent smart TVs. You can use the voice control feature to operate your smart home devices.

Besides its perfect black and intense color, it offers improved picture quality and noise reduction technology. Other unique features include:

Ability to share content via Apple AirPlay 2. It comes with AirPlay 2 which allows you to cast anything from iOS or Mac to your LG OLED TV.

It also supports Dolby Vision and the synchronization of music with other AirPlay 2-compatible speakers.

LG smart OLED TV is optimized for an immersive 4K ultra-vivid picture experience. The sound quality is so powerful that it appears to be moving. The moving audio usually gives a feeling of steady music flow around the room.

Why Sony OLED TV?

Sony OLED smart TV is an Android-powered TV that offers users some cutting-edge features including 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR), Dolby Vision, Acoustic Surface. Others include high contrast ratio and combined intelligence from Google Assistant and Alexa.

The smart TV upscales everything you watch to near 4K HDR quality. Isn’t that awesome? In other words, the 4K is so powerful that it processes real-time image giving you immersive gaming experience. The contrast function is second to none.

Sony 4K HDR TV is ideal for gamers who have PS4 and PS4 Pro gaming consoles. What do you get? With this smart TV, you’ll experience largely responsive and action-filled gaming like never before. The color combination and the depth of the texture leave long-lasting effects on gamers.

You can control the TV with your voice. With Google Assistant and Alexa, you can turn on your TV, change channels, or control the volume without having to lift any finger.

The Smart TV integrates very well with Google Home, Netflix and Apple TV+. With the duo in one place, life becomes more meaningful. Google Home allows you can search and cast your best movies to your Sony OLED smart TV, which is one the best platforms for Netflix movie streaming.

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