Shutterstock Videos: How to Download Shutterstock Videos Without Watermark

Shutterstock videos popularly referred to as royalty-free stock footage clips are available for download when you visit the Shutterstock website. offers probably the world’s best royalty-free video collection. You can buy a plan or choose to download free license stock images/royalty-free stock footage clips or illustrations. However, if you like HD stock photos and 4K videos, you can subscribe for a monthly fee to have full access to a wide range of premium content from Shutterstock.

In this blog post, we will focus on how to download Shutterstock videos without watermark. So, if you require additional information about Shutterstock pricing and subscription plans, do check out our article here.

Who may find Shutterstock images and videos useful? The answer is very simple. Anyone who loves quality photography. It is always a popular choice for people who work on creative projects. This is because they know that Shutterstock is one of the best stock photograhy platforms to source for quality images, video clips, vectors and editorial assets. Shutterstock has millions of curated collections that designers can choose from.

How to Download Free Shutterstock Videos or Footage Clips

Let’s begin by walking you through the steps you will use to download free Shutterstock videos or footage clips. Here is the step-by-step guide. Carefully follow each step. This is very important!

1. Go to on your Windows or Mac Laptop. This will bring you to the landing page.


2. Hover over the FOOTAGE tab and select Curated collections from the drop-down menu. There are different Curated collections to choose from.

Shutterstock Footage

3. Scroll down to select any footage of your choice and click on it to play the video.

4. Press F12 key on your computer keyboard while the footage is playing.

Laptop Computer F12 Key

5. On the Inspect Element window, click on the Arrow selector. This will help you to select the video configuration file and access the source URL.

Inspect Element

6. Then, click on the playing video to select it and expose the configuration file on the Element window.

7. Expand the Video tag to access the source URL.

Shutterstock Video Source URL

8. Double click the video source URL to hightlight it, and then copy it to a new browser tab.

9. Paste the copied URL and hit the enter tab to start playing the video.

10. Then, right-click the video and select “Save video as” to save a copy of the footage.

You can edit the video to suit your project. There are several video editing softwares that you can use. Examples include Filmora9 Video Editor,,, etc.

Shutterstock offers up to ten images free when you start or sign-up for one-month free trial. You will not be bill if you cancel within the fisrt month. However, the monthly plan renews automatically and you will be charged each subsequent month for $29, if you don’t cancel. Usually, the charge happens four days before your month ends.

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