New Gmail Smart Compose – The Fastest Way to Write Emails in Gmail

New Gmail
New Gmail

The use of machine learning to enhance and process workloads has been on the increase. We may not be aware of all the technologies behind artificial intelligence and machine learning but we know their possible areas of application in our world today. One of the areas where machine learning has found purpose is in the rendering of email services. Google has successfully integrated machine learning into Gmail with the introduction of new Gmail smart compose. The new Gmail smart compose uses machine learning to help you draft emails faster on the web. This new Gmail feature is available globally in English. About four other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian will follow.

With smart compose, you can write emails easily while you are on the move. Smart Compose offers writing suggestions as you type and if you like what you see, just hit the “tab” key on your computer to use it. In other words, it gives you the speed you need to enhance your work. The new Gmail smart compose has saved a lot of people from typing over 1 billion characters weekly. It automatically finishes your sentences for you as you type. This is based on what Google knows about your sentence style and how other persons write similar sentences. It also has the ability to auto-complete addresses for you. This feature will also be available on mobile phones Google’s Pixel 3 and others.

How to Enable New Gmail Smart Compose Feature on Your PC

The smart compose is one of the “New Gmail” features that saves you time by predicting what you are going to write before you even start typing. Just like text message auto-complete, it helps you to predict the next text you want to type. To be able to use this feature, you will need to activate the “New Gmail” first. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. On your computer, Sign in to your Gmail
  2. Go to the Settings icon at the top right corner
  3. Select “Try the new Gmail” if you are yet to switch to the latest Gmail from Google.
  4. After activation, go back to Settings and Check the box “Enable experimental access.”
  5. Scroll down and Click on Save Changes. This refreshes your page and starts Smart Compose automatically.

As soon as you enable this feature, you will see a prompt the next time you begin to type a new email that tells you about Smart Compose and prompts you to press the tab key whenever you see a word suggestion or prediction that is in line with what you want to type. Just hit the tab key and continue. By so doing, speed becomes an attitude.