Images – Quickest Ways to Insert or Stop Inline Images in Gmail App


Inline images automatically shows up on Gmail app for most of Android devices. Gmail app inline images offer a rich media experience to users when sending an email. By default, this feature is not enabled. This means that for every email a user sends, s/he has to allow Gmail app to show images from a particular sender to – “Always”. Once the setting is activated by the user, the Gmail app loads it automatically whenever an email is received from that specific sender.

To show images inline automatically is one of the unique features of the Gmail app. At times, it comes at a cost. It can lead to high data consumption especially if you have happened to click on some promotional emails or friends who keep sending large images inline. In this write-up, we shall have a look at how to insert or stop them on your Android devices. This will help you save some data and avoid opening emails that are not relevant.

How to Insert Inline Images in Gmail App on Android or iOS

Here are the steps you can use to insert it on Gmail using the iOS or Android app:

1. Open Gmail app on your smart device and click the compose icon (i.e, the pencil-in-a-circle icon)

2. Tap the three dots on the top right corner of your screen.

Three Dots

3. Select Settings.


4. Then, select General settings

5. Select the Sender image by checking the box against it and you are good to go.

Inline Image

Make sure you enable Photos under Gmail  app in the Settings on your Android or iOS device. In other words, you have to allow or grant Gmail Access to your Photos.

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How to Stop Inline Images in Gmail app on Android

You can conserve your data usage by allowing images only from selected email senders. This you can do by turning off inline images from all senders in the Gmail app. Below are the steps to stop it in Gmail app:

  1. Launch the Gmail app and select the grid ☰ icon.
  2. Choose “Settings” from the grid ☰ menu options.
  3. Select the General Settings Option.
  4. Select the Overflow button in this panel and choose “Clear Picture Approvals” option from the menu. Another option will appear and select “Clear” to stop all.

The steps above will help you to disable inline images from all senders in the Gmail app. After activation, you have control to allow this feature for particular set of senders.

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