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Grocery store popularly known as Amazon Go is a physical store that basically sells foods and other grocery products. The most interesting thing about Amazon Go is that it is checkout-free. No queues, no cashiers, just walk in, grab, scan and go. It feels like shoplifting for first-time visitors. The Grocery store provides a new way of shopping in which a customer just walks in, picks up items, and walks away. The store is owned and operated by Amazon – one of the world’s best online retail company. Amazon Go removes all forms of queuing, payment points and delays associated with supermarket checkouts.

Grocery Store

Amazon Grocery store retails prepared foods and other grocery staples such as bread, milk, bakeries, butchers, delis, fresh produce, and other non-perishable food products. The grocery store is highly technology-driven and uses less human effort in the management of the day to day operations of the store. It uses cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to manage almost all the aspects of its in-store shopping activities. Above all, Amazon Go app is central to the smooth running of the store. Everyone who shops needs the app. The app allows you to scan a QR code when you walk in.

What is Amazon Go App?

Amazon Go app is Amazon Grocery store shopping app that is very easy to use and provides useful tips on how to navigate the store and available products. The app provides users with specific information about what is in stock and what the prices are. It also gives tips concerning what’s on sale and even what you bought yesterday, for example. With the app, you will have a great store experience.

How to Download Amazon Go App

Here are the steps to download Amazon Go app:

  1. Go to “Google Play Store” for Android users or “App Store” for iOS user on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Type “Amazon Go” on the search bar and Select Amazon Go link from your search result.
  3. Click on “Install” to start the download and installation.
  4. Go through the startup tutorial and sign in to your Amazon account. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can click on the “Create a new Amazon account” button to create one.

How Does Amazon Grocery Store Work?

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the Amazon Go app and sign in before you visit the Grocery store.
  • Use the app do a QR scan at the entrance for yourself and others. Simply scan to let them in. Note that the number of times you perform the QR scan must correspond to the number of family and friends you want to let in. For instance, if you have three family members you want to let in, you will need to scan four times in order let in each person including yourself.
  • Everything you take off the shelf is automatically added to your virtual cart.
  • Anything you put back on the shelf leaves your virtual cart.
  • The same thing applies to items taken or put back by your family members you scan in.
  • Shoppers should not pick things for others because whatever product one picks goes into your virtual cart.
  • You can simply walk out of the Grocery store as soon as you are done shopping. A little later, Amazon will send you a receipt and charge your Amazon account for the items purchased.

What are the Amazon Go Grocery Store Locations?

As at November 2018, Amazon Grocery store is available in 6 locations around the United States. The Grocery store locations include Seattle, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, California, and Illinois.

Is Amazon Go Available Globally?

No. The service is ONLY available in the United States of America and you can access the stores in the locations mentioned above. Although the Amazon Go app is available globally you do not have to sign up for it if you outside the United States. If you do, you may be charged.

What Item Can I Buy from Amazon Go Grocery Stores?

The Grocery store sells carefully prepared ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. It offers other favorite local kitchens and bakeries. There are also Amazon Meal Kits for a quick home-cooked dinner, which includes all the ingredients you will need to make a meal for two persons in half an hour.

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