Google Home Hub Review: Things You Can Do with Google Home Hub – Chalk

Google Home Hub is the right device for folks who like smart home devices. It will certainly will prove very useful when you need it. It can help you do a number of things. With Google Home Hub, you’ll be able to control all your smart devices on one home screen display or with your voice at any time. It can help you organize your calendar, receive alerts, reminders or even help you with cooking.


  1. Google Home Hub Overview.
  2. Things you can do with the smart device.
  3. Features.
  4. Pricing.
Google Home Hub
Google Home Hub – Chalk

Google Home Hub works well with more than 5,500 smart devices from over 300 popular brands. It is compatible with smart devices such as lights, cameras, TVs and door looks. The smart display device comes in four different colors: Chalk (Grey), Charcoal (Black), Aqua (Green), and Sand (Peach). While any of these colors will look great in the home, the Chalk model is the most neutral. It all depends on personal preferences.

Things You Can Do with Google Home Hub

Here is the list of things you can do with Google Home Hub:

1. Control all your smart home devices:

The Home View is one of the greatest features of Google Home Hub. It’s like a web portal where you can control your lights, media, thermostat, Google Home devices and smart cameras all from one place. Just with a swipe down from the top of the screen and you’re interacting real-time with your other smart home devices.

2. Get your daily reports:

From the smart display, you can cast content to your big smart TV. With the in-built Google Assistant, you can get everything done just with your voice. You can ask it, for example, “How cold is the outside?”. It will not only give you a verbal weather report but also a display of a weather forecast for the next six hours in a friendly graphic. Ask it for the traffic report and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see.

The main menu has a card-based interface that shows the weather and your calendar events. When you swipe, it brings up a number of recommendations from Spotify, YouTube and Google News. It shows “top stories for you” links that Google Assistant can read out like news bulletins or as YouTube videos. Sounds cool. Right?

3. Make and receive free calls from UK lines:

You can use Google Home Hub to make and receive free calls to UK numbers. Using Wi-Fi calling and your Google account’s contacts book, Google Home Hub can make and receive calls to UK landlines and mobile numbers for absolutely nothing.

4. Kitchen Assistant:

Love cooking? You have the ultimate kitchen assistant in Google Home Hub. Making different recipes just got easier! You can now get visual step-by-step instructions by simply asking Google Home Hub how to make certain dishes. The in-built Google Assistant will read out each instruction step by step. It gives you the ability to use your voice to advance further into the recipe or even skip ahead to specific points if you’ve moved on. The smart device allows you to set countdown timers and does measurement calculations when you need to convert things. It can also help with your to-do checklists and translations.

5. Parental control tool kit:

The smart display gives you the opportunity to watch videos on YouTube as well as the ability to filter content. So, if you want to prevent your kids from watching certain kinds of videos, you can set up filters. You can block access to certain videos and music or even block them from popping up on your search results. It also allows you to restrict access to Google actions & games, phone calls, and answers to questions. Just use the Google Home app to implement parental control as you want. In the Google Home app, go to Settings > Digital wellbeing > Set up to create filters. It’s that simple!

6. View your photos:

It allows you to view your pictures from Google Photos. It can also help you pull new images you upload to Photos. Home Hub has the ability to filter out improper shots thereby maintaining a correct database of your pictures for future use.

7. Train your Home Hub to Know Your Family by Voice:

It allows you to add multiple accounts. When you add the accounts, you can train Assistant to recognize the voice command from each member of your family. Doing so, will allow each family member to add new items to their own calendar or receive news reports that are of interest to each person.

Can I Use, Search or Cast the Recipe I Found on Pinterest to Google Home Hub?

Unfortunately, this feature is not supported for now. However, you can find a recipe using Google Assistant on Google Home. Just try a Google search for the exact title of that recipe on your phone or tablet. That might bring it up so you can “send to Google Home” using the instructions you can find here: Copy the link, paste on the web browser of your mobile device and hit the enter button.

Google Home Hub Features:

  • It comes with a 7″ touchscreen display and full-range speaker for crystal clear sound.
  • The hands-free device comes with far-field voice recognition capabilities.
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n/ac – 2.4GHz/5Ghz) for high-performance streaming and Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has ambient light and color sensor

How Much Does Google Home Hub Cost?

Google Home Hub – Chalk, will cost you $79 at Walmart (Exclusive, – the Nest model) but can be up to $149 at Google Store. It is worth the price because it is an amazing smart home controller and a great kitchen assistant. Nothing feels like having the recipe in front of you without having to keep calling it back to view, like on your mobile phone.