Google Go: How to Download Google Go for Free on Your Android Device

Internet surfers, students and researchers alike now have a sophisticated tool to surf the web anywhere, even with a slow connection. Google Go is a light web search application created by Google. It allows users to surf the web at a very high speed with enhanced search result features. One of the greatest benefits of the app is that it doesn’t use much of your data. It saves up to 40 percent of your data whenever you use it as a search tool.

Google Go

Google Go is a great research tool that is very fast and efficient. It will help you study better and allow you to achieve great work while you are having fun. The app offers you the opportunity to use voice commands to search for things with ease. It can read aloud web articles to you in your own local language. In fact, it understands your language. The app does not consume space in your Android smartphone. So, it runs well in smartphones that have low memory space.

Features of Google Go

Some the features of Google Go are as follows:

  1. The app runs on Android 4.3 and higher.
  2. Google Go app comes in less than 5MB of file size
  3. It consumes around 40 percent less data
  4. The app works well even with a slow connection.
  5. It is designed to work with less storage.

Amazing Benefits of the App

They include:

  1. The Google Go app gives you the ability to explore the latest trending topics just by tapping Search.
  2. The app allows you to easily switch between languages. You can set a second language to switch your search results to or from at any time as you want.
  3. It is extremely fast. You are just a click away from the search results you want. Whatever information you are looking for on the web, with Google Go on your smartphone, it is easy to find.
  4. The app allows using voice commands to search for information online. You can save time as you type less and learn more through trending queries and topics.
  5. Google Go offers you the opportunity to listen to any web page. All you need to do is to highlight the words and relax as Google reads them out to you.
  6. The app lets you have quick access to all your favorite apps and websites. It also offers you easy access to things like images, videos and so on.

How to Download the App Google Play Store

Below are the steps to download the app from Play Store:

  1. Click the Play Store icon on your Android smartphone
  2. Type, “Google Go”. A link with “Google Go” will appear.
  3. Click on the link. This will move you to the download page.
  4. Tap the “Install” button to start the download and installation.
  5. Click on “Open” to launch the app
  6. On the next page, tap the Next button to allow Google Go certain permissions. Once you give your consent, you are ready to explore the web with the fastest search app.

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