Google Classroom – How to use Google Classroom for Teaching & Learning

Google Classroom

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  1. Google Classroom Overview.
  2. Benefits.
  3. How to Create or Add a Class on Google Classroom.
  4. How to Join or Log into Google Classroom as a student.

Google classroom is the Google’s free web service designed for schools to enhance teaching and learning. Centuries ago, teaching and learning happened in a traditional classroom setting. In those days, teachers and students would always come under one roof to share ideas using teaching aids such as whiteboards, markers, maps, notebooks, and so on. This type of education system is fast being replaced by modern technologies like Google classroom. Today, teachers and students don’t have to be in one place. With it, teachers, students, and parents can collaborate. The app is a tool that allows instant paperless communication. It gives teachers the ability to create classes, distribute assignments to students, send feedback and see everything in one place.

The app utilizes tools like Chromebooks to deliver contents to students. Google Chromebooks are cloud-based and as a result, allows students to learn from anywhere. Schools distribute these special laptops to students to enable them to gain access to their documents. Google classroom combines education apps – Docs, Sheets & Slides (for writing), Drive (for assignment creation and distribution), Google calendar (for scheduling) and Gmail (for communication). It has a dashboard to assist administrators to manage thousands of devices at the same time. With the app, you can train students in skills like teamwork and problem-solving.


Deploying the app to schools has a number of benefits which include:

  1. It helps teachers to manage communication with students
  2. Paperless and eliminates unnecessary costs.
  3. It promotes collaboration among teachers, students, and parents
  4. The classroom is easy to set up and free
  5. It allows educators to give instant feedback and makes tracking of student progress very simple.
  6. Educators can take attendance and assign homework via Google classroom
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How to Create or Add a Class on Google Classroom.

To create a class, follow the steps below:

  1. Type on a Chrome browser and hit Enter.
  2. Provide your school login details. For example, ““.
  3. Tap Next or Sign In to proceed.
  4. Select the + sign in the upper right corner of your screen.
  5. From the popup menu, Click on “Create class”
  6. Fill in your class details (i.e, Topic, Subject, etc)
  7. Tap the “Create” button
    to complete the process.
  8. Select “Invite Students” and Enter their email addresses. Alternatively, you can assign them a unique class code. They can use the code to join the class.

How to Join or Log into Google Classroom as a student.

You can join a class by signing into Chrome with your student login details. Here are the steps to join a class:

  1. On Chrome web browser, type and press Enter.
  2. Input your school login details. For example, “
  3. Click Next or Sign In to continue.
  4. Select the + sign in the upper right corner of your screen.
  5. From the popup menu, Select “Join class”
  6. Enter your class code. Your teacher must have sent you the class code via email when the class was created. You can check your school email. Click on “Join” button to continue. If you don’t the code, feel free to contact your teacher.


You can use Google classroom on Chromebooks, Android phones/tablets, Windows devices such as smartphones, laptops and desktop computers, and iOS devices like iPads, iPhones, etc.

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