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Google Chrome fits in well when modern web browser is the focus. It provides one the greatest access points to the Internet. The technology of today is ever changing, hence we engage with the Internet on daily basis. Technology companies are driving this revolution. They create solutions that meet the current needs of users. Today, there is a tremendous growth in the number of persons who use the Internet and other social media platforms. We can now watch YouTube videos, listen to our favorite music/songs, and complete some assignments/tasks online. In other words, the Internet has become the most powerful backbone of our world.


  1. Google Chrome Overview
  2. How to Open Accidentally Closed Tabs in Google Chrome.
  3. Ways to Drag Multiple Tabs at once in Chrome.
  4. How to Use Command Key Shortcut to Delete Browsing History in Chrome.
  5. Steps to Translate Words in Google Chrome.
  6. How to Drag a URL to the Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome.
  7. Ways to Browse Through Tabs Using Key Commands in Google Chrome.
Google Chrome

Google Chrome happens to be one of the most popular web browsers today. Basically, when it comes to browsers, Google Chrome is the best choice for most online users. About 79 percent of Internet users uses Google Chrome according to reports. Other browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Opera, and IE/Edge share remaining 21 percent. This is not unconnected with its new and improved unique features Google Chrome. The features allow users to browse more efficiently in less time. In order to enjoy these new improved features, we will explore in this write-up ways to utilize them under the following sub-headings:

How to Open Accidentally Closed Tabs in Chrome

At times, we unintentionally close a particular tab whenever we browse. If this occurs, you don’t have to worry anymore. With Chrome, your closed tab can be recovered. To recover the closed tab, you can either do:

  • Right-click on any other tab that is open and Select Reopen closed tab or
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + T keys together. Any of these actions can reopen the closed tab in Google Chrome.

How to Drag Multiple Tabs at Once in Google Chrome

If you have dragged and dropped Chrome tabs into your browser window before, you will not find this action difficult. What we want to achieve here is to show you how to move multiple tabs at once. To drag multiple tabs at once,

  • Press and hold the Ctrl Key and Click on all the tabs you want to move. For Mac users, hold down the command key. The action moves the selected tabs automatically.

How to Use Command Key Shortcut to Delete Browsing History in Chrome

Each time we want to delete our browsing history, most users will go to settings to clear their windows. This situation makes deleting your browsing history, caches, cookies, URLs, and password look like a tedious task. Do you know that you can access it quickly just by pressing:

  • Ctrl-Shift+Delete all together and Clear Browsing Data window will open. Then Click on Clear Data to delete your browsing history.

How to Translate Words in Google Chrome

By default, there is an in-built Google Translate for your entire web pages in Google Chrome. However, to translate a passage, for example, you will need to install an extension. Once the extension is installed, you can highlight any text and the Google Translate icon will appear. Select it and you are good to go.

How to Drag a URL to the Bookmarks Bar in Chrome

Chrome allows users to bookmark websites they like. Bookmarking gives you easy and quick access to such websites. To add any site to your favorite bookmark bar, just Highlight the site’s URL and drag to the bookmark bar and there you are! The action will automatically move the site to your bookmark bar. You also have the ability to edit it later on according to your needs.

How to Browse Through Tabs Using Key Commands in Google Chrome

To quickly browse through another tab especially when you just want to scan through a page, do this:

  • Press and hold the command key, followed by numbers between 1 to 9. Each number is responsible for each tab starting with 1 from left to right. It’s that simple!

More improved features and extensions are continuously released. The features and extensions enhance the app performance and user experience.

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