Fzmovies: How to Download Free FZ Movies, Subtitles in HD, MP4, 3gp


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Fzmovies.net is one of the best sources of free Hollywood and Bollywood high-quality HD movies download. The web portal offers high-quality movies, season film and TV Shows for download at no cost. I like FzMovies platform and use for all sorts of movie download. Fzmovies is a Hollywood and Bollywood movie platform that provides users with several high-quality movies, TV Shows and season film in a compatible mobile format such as HD, Mp4 and 3gp format. It offers you the ability to stream movies on your mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, etc. With FzMovies, downloading Netflix premium movies for free has got easier!

Fzmovies is seemingly the most favorite web portal for Hollywood and Bollywood movie lovers. I will walk you through the steps you need to use to download movies of your choice free of charge. First things first. You will need a reliable internet connection such as a Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G LTE Internet connection or higher. There should be enough memory space on your device that can accommodate the movie size you want to download. It offers you a wide range of choices to make whenever you want to download movies. The video files are in the format that suits most of the modern mobile devices. Be it your personal computers or smartphones.

How to Download Free Fzmovies

Below are the steps you can use to download free movies, series, TV Shows and Subtitles:

1- On the web browser of your device, type: www.fzmovies.net and hit the enter button. This will take you to the homepage.

2- Search for the Movie you want using the search bar.

Search Bar

3- Choose a Movie Category – Bollywood or Hollywood.

Movie Category

4- Sort the Movie List by a specific Actor/Actress, Director, Genre or Year.

Movie List

5- Choose a Movie you want to view.


6- View the Movie Details.

7- Choose Movie Format.

Fzmovies Format

8- Select the file want.

9- Select if you would like to Download or Stream a movie.

Download or Stream Movies

10- Download the File by clicking the download link and you’re good to go.

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Fzmovies Categories

There are three main movies categories that you can choose from depending on your needs. They are as follows:

  1. Bollywood Movies.
  2. Hollywood Movies (including IMDB Top 250 Movies, Oscars Winners, Famous Sequels, etc), and
  3. Dubbed Hollywood Movies.


Fzmovies provides Hollywood and Bollywood movie lovers endless opportunities when it comes to downloading of free high-quality movies. If you use Google Chrome, you can even subscribe to receive instant notifications about the latest movies on Fzmovies.net. Just use the “Subscribe” button on Fzmovies.net to opt-in. It does not require you to go through the tedious process of account registration before you can start downloading free movies. However, if you want a personalized experience, you can sign in with your Google account.

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