Chromecast Apps – 8 Best Chromecast Apps for PC, Mac, Android, Windows 10

There are a lot of things your small Chromecast device can do. This capability is as a result of numerous apps that it can support. Chromecast apps are what make the Chromecast device more powerful and stylish. The app allows you to compete in dance competitions against people around the world and stream your latest pictures to your 4K TV screen. With the Chromecast app, you can play games with your family members in the living room and keep up with the latest news and songs. Isn’t that interesting?

Chromecast App

When you use Chromecast apps on your Android, iOS smartphone or computer, you essentially hand off content to the Chromecast. This you do whenever you tap the Chromecast built-in apps symbol, which is a square with wavy lines in the left corner within the app. The Chromecast app aggregates thousands of apps to create entertainment such as games, movies, TV shows, music, sports, etc, for everyone. Google Play Store and App Store contain many apps to use with Chromecast. Here are the best Chromecast apps for whatever need you may have:


This app integrates very well with Chromecast Ultra because Netflix has a growing collection of 4K Ultra HD and HDR content. You cannot boast of having a dedicated streaming device without Netflix. The Netflix app works extremely well across multiple devices. It’s just like a streaming backbone that creates space for every device. There is a place for you in spite of what you are using to cast. For example, if you are seeing a movie with a couple of friends on iPad and one of you has to leave to attend to urgent needs, opening the Netflix app on his own smart device allows him to instantly control the movie and continue watching.

Google Home

Chromecast app has Google Home as one of its main apps. You will need the app to set up the device with your TV. The app allows you to browse trending content from your Cast-enabled apps. It also helps you to search for specific movies and actors using your own voice. With Google Home app, you can automatically generate quick actions to get things done easily. Things like turning off the lights in one room, viewing your security cameras, etc, can now be done with just a click from the app. It also gives a quick, at-a-glance layout of the current state of your smart home. This gives you the ability to view from anywhere in the world how things are going at your home in real-time. You can even call up DVR recordings from Google’s live TV streaming service and YouTube TV.

YouTube and YouTube TV

All the variants of Google-based apps work very well with Chromecast. With YouTube app on your smartphone, you can pull videos, music from the cloud and play it directly on your TV. It gives you the ability to search for anything on your device without having to interrupt what is showing on your TV. The app puts the power of creation in your hands. You can create a playlist of music and videos from YouTube music videos. Your $40-per-month live TV streaming service from YouTube TV is no exception. The app integrates well with it and offers you the opportunity to search for content using voice-chat on cloud DVR of YouTube TV.


Whenever you think about music streaming, Spotify comes to mind. Over the years, Spotify found purpose in Chromecast deployment. Spotify is a great choice to pair with your Chromecast. With Spotify app, you can pull any song in Spotify’s catalog and play it through your HDTV and/or accompanying home theater system via Chromecast. The app works with Android and iOS devices to deliver millions of songs to users.

HBO Now and HBO Go as Chromecast apps

Your $15 a month HBO Now is a great streaming service that works perfectly well with your Chromecast device. This makes both the subscription-based app, HBO Go, and stand-alone streaming service, HBO Now, must-haves for any dedicated streaming device. The cable network’s unparalleled array of original programming always leaves you glued to your TV screen. HBO Now is still the best way to access popular TV series like Game of Thrones.

Pandora app

Pandora has become a household name because the Pandora app allows users to play songs they love from popular artists. It provides on-demand streaming service similar to Spotify for just $10 a month. You can cast Pandora to your TV from your devices in a very simple step.

Google Cast

Chromecast features Google Cast home screen, thereby making the app one of the essentials of Chromecast for everyone. It has got loads of easy-to-use features that make it a one-stop shop for exploring what you can do with your Chromecast device. Google Cast acts like a catch-all for other apps on your phone or tablet that have streaming services activated. The app allows you to easily browse through your personal media files and other streaming media on Netflix and YouTube. It works well with Chromecast Audio too.

Google Chrome

With the Google Chrome app, you can access content from the web via a Chrome tab projection. This you can do by opening a tab in Chrome and clicking the Chromecast icon. The app will send what is opened in your Chrome tab to your TV screen. What this means is that you can open several tabs at the same time on your PC and control what other viewers see on the TV screen while you work on your laptop or desktop computer.

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