Apple HomePod vs Google Home Max vs Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

Great speakers like Apple HomePod, Google Home Max or Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen), gives users total control over several smart home devices. If you’re a music lover who likes to play your music on smart speakers such as Apple HomePod, Google Home Max or Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen), this article is for you. Although these speakers come with the in-built artificial intelligent engine, they are different in some respect. Besides the common features they share such as home automation, there are some unique features that are specific to each one of them.

Apple HomePod
Apple HomePod vs. Google Home Max vs. Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

With your Apple HomePod, Google Home Max or Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen), you can control your other smart home devices. They help you to control devices like room lights, thermostats, coffee, etc without you having to lift a finger. This has become possible for people living in a smart home because of great AIs like Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa. You can use Alexa, for example, to pull the live feed of the cameras that are installed outside of your home.

Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is a portable smart speaker crafted to deliver high audio quality and solid bass sound that suits the soul. It comes with a custom built high-excursion woofer. The woofer is highly integrated at a height that provides a strong amount of bass sound. It also comes with an array of seven most powerful tweeters. These offer crystal clear audio quality sound devoid of any form of distortions.

Apart from the superior listening experience it provides, the Apple HomePod has an in-built Siri which is Apple’s Digital Assistant. This lends the Apple HomePod the machine learning ability to control home smart devices. Siri also has the capability to adapt or adjust its equalizers in line with the room where it’s located.

Google Home Max

Thinking of the ultimate speaker made for real music? Think Google Home Max. If it’s not Google Home Max, it can’t be Google Home Max. The truth is that no other speaker sounds like it. So, if you’re in search of a smart speaker really built for sound, Google Home Max is probably the speaker of choice for most music lovers. It is a great quality product with very good bass. Google Home Max produces an excellent sound that can fill a large 20 x 20 room apartment. It allows you to feel every beat with heart-pounding bass. You get deep layers of balanced bass along with crystal-clear highs. So, you can hear every note as the artist intended. It provides a very crystal-clear sound even at 20% volume set and it’s easy to set up via Google Home app.

In addition, the Google Home Max is capable of controlling other smart devices that are within your apartment. It also has the ability to adjust the audio equalizer to the acoustics of the room to provide a soothing listening experience for users.

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation)

The 2nd Generation Amazon Alexa Echo Plus is a smart speaker that powers your home. The Echo Plus second-generation comes with a Philips Hue Smart Bulb to which you can connect the Alexa to make voice control easy. It has improved audio features as well as a temperature sensor and attractive fabric design. If you don’t like the display of Amazon Echo Show or Echo Spot but want better sound quality, Echo Plus will be a great choice. Dolby Play provides 360-degree audio support which allows the speaker to be great at filling the entire room with music.

Amazon Echo Plus is very easy to set up and has seven far-field microphones with effective noise cancellation technique. It is also a useful solution for smart assistant functions and the Internet of Things (IoT).