AdSense Valuable Inventory Under Construction Fix | No Content Issue

When you receive “Valuable Inventory: Under Construction” message or notification from Google AdSense folks, don’t panic. Even top web publishers did at some points in their journey. AdSense Valuable Inventory: Under Construction means that there is something about your web pages that isn’t right. In this writeup, I’ll work you through the necessary manual actions that you need to take to resolve the issue. To fix AdSense Valuable Inventory: Under Construction is very simple if you, first of all, understand what Google AdSense wants you to correct. Generally, AdSense wants you to have a clear Header Menu, great Layout, unique Content and Pages that visitors can easily navigate and interact with.


Anyways, first things first. What is Valuable Inventory under construction in relation to AdSense Program Policies? To have a better understanding of this, let’s briefly have a look at the literal meaning of Valuable and Inventory. Anything valuable is useful, important or beneficial. Right? Inventory, on the other hand, is a list of items. It can be a file, log, directory, catalog, record, or even a register. Now, Valuable Inventory with respect to site structure refers to how you arrange the key elements of your website, especially the PAGES and the NAVIGATION BAR. Your web pages should be presented in such a way that users can easily find what they are looking for. This is a key requirement for a good user experience.

Possible Causes of AdSense Valuable Inventory Under Construction Issue

They include the following, but not limited to:

  1. Poorly arranged main Header Menu bar:- Users may find it very difficult, if not impossible, navigating or interacting with the content of your pages.
  2. Hidden or Invisible Pages especially when you place the ABOUT, CONTACT, and PRIVACY POLICY pages on Top Header Menu bar whose background is black. This type of issue arises when you don’t have a good mix of font type, color, size, and background color. Pages with transparent font in a white background gives a bad user experience.
  3. Use of different Widgets such as Tag Cloud, Category, Archive, etc., on your ABOUT, CONTACT and PRIVACY POLICY. Such practice tends to confuse or frustrate users when they are looking for a piece of specific information about your website.
  4. A website whose Layouts are dotted with empty spaces.
  5. The Page Navigation Bar that lacks functionality. For example, an unresponsive button, tab or drop-down menu.

How to Fix AdSense Valuable Inventory: Under Construction Issue

In order to resolve Valuable Inventory: Under Construction violation issue, you’ll need to review your website’s navigational menu structure first. The emphasis here is ease of navigation or the structure of your navigation bar. In other words, the way your menu and pages appear when people visit your website ought to very visible. It’s important not to confuse AdSense Valuable Inventory: Under Construction violation with Valuable Inventory: No Content or Not Enough Content issue. Though, both may be related but are not the same. Here are the steps, you can use to fix Google AdSense Valuable Inventory Under Construction issue:

  1. Create a clear navigational bar on the main Header Menu of your website or blog. For example, pages such as HOME, LATEST NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, ABOUT US, CONTACT US, PRIVACY POLICY, etc., are recommended to be set up on the main Header Menu. I want to believe that you know the difference between the Top Header Menu, Header Menu (main) and Footer Menu. If you want, you can replicate your ABOUT US, CONTACT US, and PRIVACY POLICY pages on the Top Header Menu too. You can have a look at the Top Header menu of my website if you wish. Unlike my main Header Menu, you’ll notice that the pages are presented in sentence case in a bid to vary things a bit.
  2. In the ABOUT page of your website, state clearly what purpose the website serves and how users can benefit. It doesn’t have to be wordy. Just keep it simple! Less is more they say. You can take a cue from the ABOUT page of my website.

Quick Illustration

Review the site structure and the design of my website – and you’ll notice the following:

  • That the ABOUT US page, for example, is displayed on the main header menu in BOLD FACE which makes navigation very easy for users.
  • That I have not included any form of a widget.
  • That after the page title – About Us, comes the description of the purpose the website serves. Very simple and straight to the point. So, any user who visits my About Us page from the landing page (Home), can easily find the right information about the website.

It’s important to note that folks at Google AdSense expect that you will replicate the same design principles as described in step 2 above when building your Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages. Do refer to my website’s About, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages for guidance. You can also check out my article on how to get Google AdSense approval in 1 day for more information.

Google AdSense Valuable Inventory: Under Construction Resolution Summary

AdSense Valuable Inventory under construction issue can be resolved if you pay close attention to the way you arranged your site key elements. Review your navigation bar (main Header Menu) and pages especially the About, Contact, and Privacy Policy. Do not forget to make the contents of the About, Contact, and Privacy Policy pages as concise as possible. Once you have made the suggested corrections above, resubmit your website to Google AdSense for review and necessary approval. Finally, note that Valuable Inventory: No Content purely refers to content-only issues. Ensure that you build original and unique content, at least 500 to 1200 words. You must also review AdSense Program Policies from time to time. Good Luck!

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