4K Resolution UHD TV vs 1080P vs HDR TV vs 8K TV – Complete Guide

4K is a digital video technology that delivers enhanced video display image for big screen applications. In this writeup, we first define what 4K resolution means with respect to TV, phone camera, satellite systems, etc, and how 4K systems compare with others. Next, we dive deep a bit into TV, gaming consoles, and mobile phones that have 4K capabilities. Finally, we review the lastest 8K resolution systems. We will try as much as possible not to bore you with too many technical jargons. So relax while we lead you into the world of immersive technologies – the 4K smart world.


  1. 4K Resolution Overview.
  2. Specifications.
  3. The 4K TV Models.
  4. 4K Digital Camera Phones.
  5. The 1080p.
  6. What is the Difference between 1080p and 4K?
  7. HDR TV.
  8. What is 8K TV?
4K Resolution

4K resolution as it is popularly called, is a digital video technology that delivers enhanced video display image for big screen applications. It eliminates the viewer’s ability to see any visible pixel structure on the display screen. 4K resolution basically comes in two high definition resolution variants: the 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels. 4K resolution technology is widely deployed in modern TV & digital cinema, digital phone cameras, pay satellite broadcast systems and gaming consoles. It’s commercially available as Ultra HD and UHD.

4K Resolution Specifications

One of the greatest advantages of 4K is that it delivers a great-looking image as screen sizes continue to increase. What this means is that the resolution remains constant regardless of screen size. In fact, 4K is four times the pixel resolution, or twice the line resolution (2160p) of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels). The 4K resolution specifications are the 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels. Unlike your big screen TV and home theater that use 3840 x 2160 pixel option, commercial digital cinemas use 4096 x 2160 pixels for an immersive video effect.

4K Resolution TV Models

Technically speaking, 4K can be used to mean Ultra High Definition(UHD), 2160p, Quad High Definition, 4K Ultra High Definition, Quad Resolution, Quad Full High Definition, QFHD, or UD. Different TV manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, LG, etc, make various models of 4K-compliant UHD TVs. 4K video Ultra HD Playback is available on the following TV models:

  1. All Samsung Ultra HD TVs released in 2014 or later
  2. Sony Ultra HD TVs released in 2015 or later.
  3. All LG Ultra HD TVs released in 2015 or later.

4K Resolution Camera Phones

Most smartphones come with great 4K resolution cameras. Below is the list of the best 4K mobile phones:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Fold
  2. Huawei Mate X
  3. Sony Xperia XZ Premium
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8
  5. iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max, and iPhone Xr.
  6. Huawei P10
  7. Google Pixel XL
  8. HTC U11
  9. OnePlus 5
  10. LG G6
  11. Xiaomi Mi6

It’s also important to note that 4K is central to the development of modern gaming consoles such as Xbox One X, PlayStation 3 & 4. If you have a 4K TV or monitor, an Xbox One X will provide the best visuals the video game industry has to offer.

What is 1080p?

1080p refers to Full High Definition (HD) standard for image display in which a horizontal screen display is 1,920 pixels and vertical screen display is 1,080 pixels down. Owing to the interlacing of picture frames in 1080p, there are no reductions in picture quality because the picture is progressively scanned. Note that the p in 1080p stands for progressive scan.

What is the Difference Between 1080p and 4K?

1080p HD has less resolution than Ultra HD or 4K UHD. Unlike 4K resolution that is 3840 x 2160 or 4096 x 2160 pixels, 1080p has 1920 x 1080 pixels only. As a result, 4K offers better quality image display than 1080p.

What is HDR TV?

HDR which stands for High Dynamic Range is a TV resolution standard that offers an improved color range and contrast between shadows and image highlights. It delivers picture quality that is much more clear than HD. HDR video playback is available on the following smart TV:

  1. All Sony Ultra HD TV models released from 2015 or later
  2. Select Samsung SUHD TV models from 2015 or later
  3. Select LG OLED and Super UHD TVmodels released from 2015 or later.

What is 8K TV?

8K TV resolution is 16 times the resolution of 1080p and four times the resolution of 4K. The adoption of 8K is still low for now but folks are already upscaling 4K, 1080p, 720p, or other lower resolution. Samsung has smart hub TVs that are 8K compliant.